I have a very simple wedding PHOTOGRAPHY philosophy, I don't repeat, stage or fake shit... ever. Real emotions are always better.

Clothing Details

The shoes, the bouquet, the dress. These are the little details that showcase your own personal style.

Wedding Rings

You probably spent a lot of money on them, and they will be on your finger forever. These are the photos were I photograph them like a Kays Jewelers ad.

Morning Preperations

Mom helping you with your dress, a best man adjusting a bowtie, or even a drag queen applying your eyelashes. I capture your moments with friends and family as you prepare for the ceremony.

Individual Portraits

Get that new Instagram profile photo looking right or showcase your own personal style when you have never looked better.

First Looks

Whether it's with dad or your soon to be spouse, there is something special about seeing their first reaction on the wedding day.

Couple's Portraits

You know what these are. This is the point of the day where you become the model and we take the photos that burst with your energy as a couple. Want to recreate your favorite movie poster, or run incorporate your pets, I got you!

Family Portraits & Moments

A mix of traditional and stolen moments, this is the part of the day where I make sure to immortalize the ones you love the most.

Wedding Party

Hey, you chose them to be there all day for a reason! Let's show off everyone's personality and energy in portraits of you celebrating with those closest to you.


The big moments the day. I take a photojournalistic role where I, along with my assistant, will document the ceremony from every possible angle.

Sunset Portraits

A special 15 minutes portrait session during the evening to capture some uniquely lit images.

Reception Details

You spent the time and money to make everything just right for your guests, so I make sure to capture it for you.

First Dance & Parent Dances

It's that point during the night where you get to hold them close and tell them you love them. It might be during a slow waltz or in between some choreographed twerking, but I these moments just as much as you do.

Speeches & Moments

The toast makers might make you laugh, they might make you cry, or they might embarrass you with that spring break story from college. But either way, I will be sure to grab your reactions.

The Party

The best part of the night! These are the photos you will be blackmailing your friends with later.

Night Portraits

Something super unique at the end of the night to finish off you long day.

The End

Sparklers, bubbles, balloons, whatever feels right, I can photograph it for you as you make your grand exit.

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