I first became interested photography by accident. Senior year. of high school I decided to go to the University of Kentucky to pursue a career as a journalist and creative writer. It was while at university, trying to fill my schedule with an easy elective, I found myself in a dark room, elbow deep in film negatives and developer. It so happened, as I was learning in the black and white film class, my grandfather got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and I began to document his experience for my final film project. 

During that semester in 2007, I realized how special photography really is. I took photos of my grandfather dealing with the headaches, sitting in the sunlight trying to relax after a doctor visit, running his hand over the new scar from an unsuccessful operation, and my favorite image- holding a cigarette to his mouth like it was a marijuana joint. That one I titled ‘Defiance’ and I entered it as my centerpiece for my final project. It still sits framed in my office today. 

I didn’t begin charging for photography until two years later, when a high school friend reached out to me through Facebook, inquiring about modeling photos for her. I charged $50 for some headshots in the park and it was like I had found gold. “People pay you to do fun and creative things with your camera!?” I couldn’t believe it! At that point, I began to actively advertise my photography services and my career as a photographer started.

In 2012, the year I gave birth to my daughter, I photographed my first wedding for a friend. I was five months pregnant and even then I was standing on a chair during the reception, trying to get the shot from a better angle. After that event, I realized how much fun I had photographing weddings. Can you believe up until that point, the last wedding I had attended was as a child? Since then I have shot over 200 weddings.

As I think about everything I have been through as a Kentucky wedding photographer, I'm still in shock that I'm here. I've been blessed to be a part of so many people's lives and love stories. I am so grateful for the people who allow me to share in their love as I provide photography services for your special day. If you choose me to document your wedding, I promise to deliver important photographs, like the ones of my grandfather, that will tell your story and be cherished in your family for generations.