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To help you in choosing a wedding photographer, I have created this list of things to look for.


Know Your Style
Every wedding photographer has their own style. Some photographers have trendy dark and moody styles, others have trendy light and airy photos, and some have more of a "classic" look where the colors and tones look very natural (that's me!). So take time to browse a photographer's portfolio and ask yourself if their style matches your vision for your wedding. Keep in mind that trendy edits will go out of style. Your wedding photos are cherished for generations and should be timeless. Read about my style here. 

Meet In Person & Get Friendly
If you think a wedding photographer is a good fit, schedule a consultation with them! They might even offer to set up a consultation when you first contact them. That's great, do it! You want to meet your potential wedding photographer in person and choose someone whose personality you "click" with. 


Timeline Services
Only hire a wedding photographer if they can guide you through planning your timeline. No, I don't mean that your photographer has to be your event planner. But you want to work with a photographer who can help you plan out your wedding day so that things don't become chaotic. Hire a photographer who offers you some sort of assistance in planning your wedding day timeline and can give you definite times of how long photos will take. Find out what I offer here

Hire A Professional
I know this might seem obvious to you, but you would be surprised how many people hire amateurs and then are left with terrible photos of their wedding day. Just because someone has a website and a camera does not mean they are an experienced wedding photographer. When meeting with your potential photographer, ask them questions like "What do you do if your camera stops working at a wedding?",  "How do you prevent photo loss?" and "How do you handle dark venues?" This shouldn't be uncomfortable questions for them, so don't be afraid to kindly ask! An experienced professional wedding photographer will actually be happy to hear those questions! You can see some of my answers to these questions here. 


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