Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill


Shaker Village is on 3,00 acres of land in Harrodsburg, Ky. It has a great farm and rustic feel with a great mix of rolling fields, creeks and streams, and buildings that  make up the Shaker community. 


For an Kentucky engagement photo session that truly gives you that country feel, Shaker Village is a wonderful choice. Some of the great spots to take photos is along the walkway between the buildings, in the fields by the stream, and there's even a tree swing!


Shaker Village also does a great job of decorating for the holidays; you can find beautiful hay bale displays in the fall and blooming trees in the spring, which really set the scene for your photographs.


They also are pet friendly and open year round and all day. They area  great spot to photograph in any season, and offer plenty of variety within the country farm theme.