Hello! from Bourbon & Brides Kentucky Wedding Photography

Hey! I'm Megan Sweeting, owner and photographer at Bourbon and Brides Kentucky Wedding Photography. I became interested in photography when I took an art elective at the University of Kentucky in 2007. At that time- I spent an entire semester learning the basics of photography and how to work in a dark room. It was a lot of fun, even though, to this day, I hate developing my photographs in a lab. I refer digital photography so I can focus on creating art rather than worrying about my film. 

My first paid photography job was when a Facebook friend contacted me to take some modeling shots for her. We did a session in Triangle Park in Downtown Lexington. I know- super cliche, right? That was in 2009 and for the next couple years, I spend my time taking photos of anyone who would pay me. I bounced around shooting families, children, couples, pets and even four births. 

I shot my first Kentucky wedding in 2012 when my best friend asked me to photograph hers. I charged her only $300 for her Kentucky wedding photography session and was five months pregnant with my daughter at the time. I was not focused on attracting weddings at that time, so between 2012 and 2015 I only photographed a handful of Kentucky weddings, while I spent most of my energy photographing other portrait sessions under Megan Sweeting Photography.

In August of 2015, after photographing several Kentucky weddings back to back, I decided that I was having a lot of fun being a part of documenting this monumental day in two people's lives. I didn't want to stop photographing Kentucky weddings, so I started Bourbon & Brides Kentucky Wedding Photography. 

The Name Bourbon & Brides comes from the southern tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon on your wedding site for good luck. Bourbon also has deep roots in Kentucky life. Even though all my brides might not enjoy the taste of bourbon, they take pride in and love their home state of Kentucky.

At Bourbon & Brides Kentucky Wedding Photography, my mission is to offer my clients lifestyle wedding photography, to create art work for my clients that is authentic to their wedding day, to capture the spirt of romance in the photographs of the couple, and to present the wedding images in a timeless way.   

I take pride in delivering on these promises to my couples. Please check out my style to see if the images I provide fit with your vision for your wedding day. Next, contact me to meet over coffee and chat. 

I look forward to hearing from you.