About Megan Sweeting

 Lexington, Ky


Kentucky Wedding Photographer

My relationship with photography happened on accident. Since I was a little girl, I loved to write and tell stories, so once I graduated from high school I decided to go to the University of Kentucky to be a journalist and creative writer. It was there, while trying to fill my schedule with an easy A, I found myself in a dark room, elbow deep in film negatives and developer. It so happened, while I was learning in the film class, my grandfather got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and I was able document his experience. 

It was in that semester, in 2007, that I was able to realize how special photography was. I took photos of him dealing with the pain, sitting in the sunlight trying to relax after a doctor visit, running his hand over the new scar from an unsuccessful operation, and my favorite image- holding a cigarette to his mouth like it was a marijuana joint. That one I titled Defiance, entered it as my final project image, and it still sits framed in  my office to this day. 

In 2012, the year I gave birth to my daughter, I photographed my first wedding. I was five months pregnant and even then I was standing on a chair during the reception, trying to get the shot from a better angle. Since then I have shot over 75 weddings, and I have been exposed to so many great experiences- from different religions, cultures and families. 

As I write on my life as a photographer, I'm still in shock that I'm here. That little girl who only wanted to tell stories now gets to tell other people's stories all the time! I wish I could go back and tell her how she'll grow up to be so lucky. I've been so blessed to be a part of so many people's lives and love stories. I am so grateful for the people who allow me to share in their love as I provide storytelling that is cherished for generations. If you choose meet document your love story, I promise to deliver beautiful photographs that will tell your story and be cherished in your family for generations. 

My Day to Day Life

I love: My daughter Marley, the color black, horror movies (Evil Dead is probably my favorite), great cinematography, browsing reddit in the bathtub, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the tv show, not the movie), Rupauls' Drag Race (Miss Vanjie... Miss Vanjie) ice cream in the wintertime, a frappe from Starbucks, traveling to NYC and DC, tattoos and piercings, bingeing guilty pleasure cooking shows, taking photos of the sunset at Jacobson Park, trying new restaurants, putting on new socks for the first time, North Lime Donuts and Crank N Boom ice cream, my friends and family, and living in Kentucky.